Monday, December 24, 2007

Wildhorse Meadows - Trailhead Lodge

I was fortuante enough to attend a hard hat tour last week of the new Wildhorse Meadows complex and Trailhead Lodge - WOW! This is going to be spectacular. So far, in the complex the single family home sites called The Range have all been released and sold. This summer and fall over 70% of the Trailhead lodge was placed under contract at a special event at the Denver Botanical Gardens in a single day. There are still condos available, but prices will continue to rise.

The Trailhead Lodge is a residential resort community in the heart of the Wildhorse complex. It will be surrounded by walking trails and amenities such as the Wildhorse General Store and Ranch House. It is going to be a five story owners lodge in a circular shape above the Steamboat Springs Tennis Center & the Meadows parking lot, and just below Mount Werner Circle and the townhomes at Stonewood. There will be a work out area, BBQ area, lap pool, and outdoor grottos that rival the natural Strawberry Park Hot Springs. A Super Gondola will travel from the Trailhead entrance to the base of the new One Steamboat Place, A Timbers Development.
An open large fire pit will be a gathering area for owners and guest. They have poured the underground parking garage and are beginning the main floor now. Some roads, and utilties are on site. Each unit will have underground parking and ski lockers.

In phase two the Ranch House learning center, adult only pool, and Kid pool areas will be built. The super gondola will link the Wildhorse complex and the meadows parking lot to One Steamboat Place which is at the base of the ski mountain. The Gondola will be free and take only three minutes to shuttle a large number of people from the Wildhorse complex to the ski area.

The final approved plan shows 567 residential units, including 41 single family lots (The Range)and 80 affordable units for residents. The approved plan shows 2 large condo hotels (one is the owner occupied Trailhead Lodge - the other is a hotel close to the super gondola). The town homes in the center of the development and four groups of condo buildings along Mount Werner Circle will be released in the spring of 2008. If you want more information contact me, Michelle at (970) 846-1086. I will be happy to include you on an automatic e-mail notification of updates to this project or any other new development.

Keep watching for updates on the Trailhead Lodge, Wildhorse Meadows, One Steamboat Place, and other Base Area Developments. Remember I am happy to help...