Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trailhead Lodge Auction - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Here is what I have learned so far about the upcoming Trailhead Lodge Auction:
1.     Sale is scheduled for May 6th at the Denver Marriot City Center at 1:00.
2.     You do not have to be present to bid, you can do it on-line. If you are in town, I should accompany you to the auction. We should arrive by noon. The auction will last approximately 2 hours then you go to the contracting room and not sure how long that will take.
3.     The website to register for the event is www.SteamboatSpringsAuction.com but I have had trouble logging on from my Mac. The auction company is Kennedy Wilson so if you have trouble look for the Trailhead Lodge Auction at their website.
4.     You can also register for an onsite/online practice auction which takes place April 29th at Trailhead Lodge at 1:00. To register go to www.steamboatspringsauction.com
5.     You must preregister. I have attached a preregistration form you can fill out and send in. This must be received by Kennedy Wilson prior to May 3rd.
6.     You must send to Kennedy Wilson a $2,500.00 cashier’s check made out to: Heritage Title Company if you are not going to be present at the aucton.  Kennedy Wilson needs this along with your registration. You can send me your registration and cashier’s check and I can make sure they receive it if that is easier for you. Otherwise you can mail to them. If you are going to the auction event you can bring the cashier’s check – no need to send early. On the day of auction this will be used as partial payment for your 3% – 5% deposit (3% for one purchase – or 5% for more then one purchase of each unit). Also bring your personal checkbook to complete the deposit on any winning bids.
7.     If you cannot make the event on May 6th no worries! You can bid online. Just fill out your registration form and real time bidding can take place at bidkw.com – Kennedy Wilson will inform you more about the process of on-line bidding once your registration and $2,500.00 cashier’s check is received.
8.     This is not an Absolute Auction meaning there is a reserve amount that must be met prior to selling a unit. There are starting bid prices in the attached brochure but they are probably not the reserve amount the auction company (acting on the direction of Silver Leaf – Sellers) will take. We do not know what the undisclosed acceptance amount is and will not know until after you bid. Once you have become the highest bidder, if your price meets or exceeds the acceptable reserve amount you will be able to complete paperwork and know the unit will be yours. If you were the highest bidder, but did not meet the reserve amount, there will be more negotiations behind the scene. They will have up to five days to negotiate an acceptable price with you and the auction house (driven by the seller).
9.     Residence Inspection should take place prior to the auction.
10. Review of purchase documents should take place prior to the auction. We can get those from the sales office. I can get them for you, you can pick them up if in town, or go to the website to get them.
11. Homeowner fees are in the CIC documents – Let me know if I need to get you a packet  - I am happy to assist!
12. You will be given a Home Warranty Plan for 14 months
13. There is a 5% Buyer’s Premium that will be added to the final agreed upon price.
14. All sales have to be closed by June 21st unless you extend with approval by seller.
15. You can finance, but if you do you need a preapproval form from one of the preferred lenders by May 3rd The preferred lenders are: Millennium Bank (Mike Knezivech or Darrin Robinson) here in Steamboat Springs or Cherry Creek Mortgage (Tim Smith or Jan Parsons) in Denver. If you plan on financing, I can get contact information to you.
 16. If you decide to register, please place my contact information in the Realtor section of the registration. I have buyers  registered, so I will be there the day of the event to assist in every way…..

These are the key points but read your brochure carefully for more details. After reading my key points and going over the brochure and or website, please send me a list of questions I can answer for you…. If you want me to send a registration and brochure to your e-mail let me know. This is very exciting! Call me for more 970.846.1086


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