Sunday, April 5, 2009

Foreclosures in Routt County

Foreclosures in Routt County are up from this time last year. Public Trustee/Routt County Treasurer Jeanne Whiddon, said there are currently 32 foreclosures being processed. Last year at this same time there were only 13. If the trend continues there could be 120 to 130 foreclosure proceedings in 2009 compared to 55 in 2008. Homes that enter into foreclosure proceedings are often not sold. There are ways to keep from permanently losing your home.

If you are not making your mortgage payments speak to your lender and negotiate a loan modification. If that process fails and your lender begins foreclosure proceedings, contact Jeanne and talk with her about what can be done to prevent the sale of your home. The best defense is a well played offense. Even if payments are not being made, communication with your lender is vital. The earlier you can begin the talks the more likely you are to retain you home. For real estate counsel, selling a home, or looking to buy, contract me for assistance - I am happy to help!
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