Friday, November 14, 2008

Mortgages are Available!

You can not believe all you read in the papers. News and newspapers sell best when they highlight the worst case scenarios.

There is plenty of money available for borrowers especially for primary homes with loan amounts under $417,000. Rates are currently just under 6%. In fact, Ed Albright from Columbine Mortgage in Steamboat Springs, Colorado says he can do loans for up to 100% financing on homes in value up to about $220,000.

Money is also available for homes with loans up to $625,000 at reasonable rates like 6.25%. As you can imagine the lenders are requiring full documentation and reasonable credit scores.

There is also money available for purchase over $1 million with some restrictions, as you might imagine.

Ed says, "I believe now is the right time for your clients to buy, inventory is high and rates are the lowest point since 1971. I believe that the prospect of inflation will start to increase the rates in the next few months".

To reach Ed Allbright call 970.846.3740

I know Ed personally and he has helped my clients to obtain financing for their Steamboat Springs, Colorado homes. He is very professional and a competent mortgage broker who is happy to talk to you about your financial requirements and help you to increase your credit scores to attain the money you need to purchase real estate. I always recommend for my clients to talk with an informed mortgage broker prior to us touring property, so you know the price range that will fit your lifestyle. To obtain information on Steamboat Springs Mortgage Brokers I recommend you go to my website: and click on the Steamboat Links box and scroll down to: Lenders. If you need immediate help contact me, Michelle Diehl, GRI Broker Associate at Prudential Steamboat Realty: 970.846.1086. I look forward to helping you with your move to Steamboat Springs. Is it time for you to live your dream?